Exemplification Essay: Does Technology Make People Lazier?

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Technology makes people dumber, because people can just look everything up on their electronic device. Technology can also make people get easily distracted. It can cause changes in behavior by making people lazier. This is unfortunate, because technology has brought about a lot of wonderful opportunities through social media and global communication. People need to stop relying on technology in order to counteract the habits acquired through the use of technology that have made people, as a whole, dumber. Technology has changed the way people go through their daily lives and using it can cause issues. In fact, it can cause anxious and nervousness people, but it depends on the environment (Sanders 19). Also, if people use technology for a great amount of time they start to get uncomfortable talking to people in social situations and in business situations (“Technology and Society”). Technology makes people not want to think about things but to just look it up. Considering people count on technology to do everything and lack the desire to find a better way to use the information given to them (Harris 9-10). The internet was created to give people answers so they do not have to think about how the computer can help them learn more (Harris 9).…show more content…
To improve that, people need to use technology for what it is made for. People also need to stop multitasking as much because it causes so many accidents, but to do that people need to stop being so addicted to them. People also need to stop allowing phones to cause so many interruptions and to do that people need to be in real life instead of being stuck in their phones. Also technology creates so many lazier habits because people don not want to learn, but people need to stop relying on it so much because there will be those times they will not have their phones. People need to change technology for the good and improve how they use
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