Essay On Technology Our Enemy

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Is Technology Our Ally or Our Enemy? Owing to the fact that I was born in the 90s, technology has always been present in my life. However, lately I have felt that my life has become highly dependent on technology, especially to Google, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. That is why I decided to evaluate all the negative effects that it has brought to my life. As Andrew Brown once said, “The Internet is so big, so powerful and pointless that for some people it is a complete substitute for life.” I decided not to use technology for one day and I have to say that I felt incomplete since I am constantly having my cell phone with me. It is incredible how technology has changed the world in multiple aspects. Occasionally, I find myself thinking about how advanced…show more content…
I use them every day. We cannot say that they are our enemies, but they are a double-edged sword, so we must know how to use them. Personally, they are one of the leading causes of my procrastination. It happened to me that I have stopped doing my homework just to look at Twitter feeds and Instagram posts. Technology has made me doubt since I do not know if I am multitasking, or I am suffering from Digital Device Distraction Syndrome. Moreover, when I am traveling instead of enjoying the scenery and having a relaxing trip, I am constantly checking my phone. It has become a negative routine in my life. We miss special moments of our lives without realizing it since we are distracted by our digital devices. We should start enjoying what is around us rather than living through technology. On the other hand, technology is destroying our face-to-face interactions. Instead of spending time in person with our friends, we prefer to call them or send a text message. We have more friends on social networks than in real life. I have never been to the house of some of my Twitter followers neither have gone out to lunch with many of my Instagram
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