Informative Essay: Teen Activists In Schools

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Teen Activists There are many problems. Some are extreme, some are not as extreme. There are big problems that have led people to become activists, or people who want to do away with something, or establish something. These teen activists want many different or the same things, such as having a cleaner earth, better schools and some big things are bullying, civil rights, and environmental rights. Those are just a few. These activists try to do what is right with all they can, they volunteer their time and money to help others in need. The main theme of this is about teen activists who help with bullying. One of the biggest problems today in schools is bullying, whether it is a small or big problem for that school. Most teens have been bullied…show more content…
Alex Libby was a normal kid who went to school, and then people started bullying him at school. He lived in Iowa,USA at the time when the bullies started to be rude to ] him throughout school. He then spoke out to others about how bad bullies can be, and then he became recognized. Filmakers contacted him so he could go and tell people about bullying on tv, he accepted and he went onto tv and told people about these bullies in the documentary called “Bully”. He was on the documentary with four other families, and two of which lost their sons to suicide, due to bullying. Most bullies normally do not expect who they are bullying to get super depressed, even though they bully those people. On the film he talked about ways to abolish bullying and make it be less common among schools, he told people to tell others if there are or were being bullied and that it would make the bully have to stop. He tells people to stand up to the bully and to not have nobody know. Alex Libby has made a difference by reaching out to others and helping them to stand up to their problems, which helps them with self esteem and more. this is what Alex Libby did.I got my information on Alex Libby from these

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