Essay On Teen Drug Use

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Teen drug use has become more and more of a problem each year. There are many drugs that teen’s use. There are also many reasons why teens use and use drugs. They may feel forced to use drugs if they are around their friends. They want to be cool and wind up following the crowd and can get pressured into doing drugs. Also, a teenager might have something going on with them in their personal life. If they’re going through depression or problems at home it can also influence the use of drugs. One of the most popular drugs that teens use is marijuana.
According the National Institute on Drug abuse for teens (NIDA), marijuana has many different names. The most common names for it are Cannabis, Bud, Ganja, Grass, Herb, Pot, Skunk, and Weed. Some other names for marijuana, that aren’t
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Indica affects the body and it can give you more of a sleepy feeling. Sativa gives you more of a “head high” and makes you feel happy. Hybrid is a mix of both, giving you a sleepy, happy feeling ( Smoking marijuana can affect the teens lungs like cigarettes. Teens can have the same breathing and chest problems as cigarette users do. Tobacco and marijuana both have the same toxins that go into the teen’s lungs. However, although smoking can cause lung damage, pulmonary disease and lung cancer, it is more likely to happen with cigarettes. People who smoke cigarettes can smoke a pack a day or more. People usually smoke marijuana once a day or even less. If someone is a very heavy marijuana smoker, then they can have the same outcome as a cigarette smoker. Since it is rare to have a person who smokes marijuana as much as cigarettes, there haven’t been great studies on this ( Another issue for teens and marijuana use are girls who are pregnant. The main issue is that it not only affects the teen but can also affect the growing fetus and possibly damage its growth as well as its
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