Teenagers Should Be Held Responsible For Children's Crimes Essay

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Have you ever wonder when you heard about a young teenager committing the crime and breaking laws? Now in days, there are about 1.4 millions cases of delinquency in the United States, which most of them are under age of 18. Many teenagers also commit a crime during their school hours where they sell tobacco, drugs, alcohol, and having sex, which led them to cause more crimes growing up. Parents shouldn’t be held responsible for their children crime because teenagers act different aways from parents, peer pressure, and if the teenager commits the crime they should pay the price.
Many teenagers are acting differently away from the parents because many of them be hanging out with friends that cause to act different (Pokhrel). Most of the time teen have friends that are older and be causing trouble in the streets but, not at home. When the kids are at school their parents always be thinking that their adolescentes must be doing the right thing. But, sometimes the adolescentes be hanging out with others teens that they may be part of it but, the parent doesn’t know their child be part of something illegal. “(Lham Dorji) Physical environment were other factors that led youth to commit various crime” (Pokhrel). What this person had
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Most young teenager they decide what to do with their friends when their parents is not with them. They take many life risk while being in the streets alone or with their criminals friends. Our society should be concerned about the teens crimes because, each years it increase and many young youth are becoming teenagers will look up to the criminal’s friend’s or they could also become a criminal. Everyone should help adolescent to be focus at school so, they could become someone important in

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