Essay On Teenage Driving

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The leading cause of death in the United States among teens are due to accidents, according to the National Center of Health Statistics “Motor vehicle accident accounted for almost three quarters (73 percent) of all deaths from unintentional injury”. State governments need to implement stricter laws on teenage driving. Is age or lack of experience to blame? Some may argue that teenagers are prone to making poor decisions because of their lack of maturity as a result of their age, however when adolescents are educated one can see a drastic decrease in car accidents. The University of Nebraska Lincoln conducted a study that found that teenagers who did not take driver’s education have increased their risks of crashes and traffic violations,…show more content…
and 6 a.m." ( Driving at night is far more difficult than driving during daylight hours, which is why the state of Oregon restricts driving to certain hours for the first year of obtaining a license under the age of 18. Although this regulation is implemented the first year of having a license it should be extended throughout a driver’s teenage years“expanding restrictions on their nighttime driving to include the hours before midnight could save lives." ( Ruth Shults, an epidemiologist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explained that researches found out that “57 percent [of accidents] happened before midnight.” Unsupervised driving late at night raises the risks of getting into a motor vehicle accident, however there may be few exceptions to this law, perhaps a teenager was driving late for employment or academic reasons then this behavior shall be allowed, otherwise there are no valid reasons for young adults to be driving late at night. If state governments truly wanted to improve the safety of teen driving then driving curfews should be updated and
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