Essay On Teenage Pregnancy In South Africa

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In this essay I will discuss and further elaborate on the reasons why teenage pregnancy is such a problematic issue within South African communities especially amongst African groups. More specifically I will be raising key topics such sexuality amongst Africans teens, the set of environment or community they grow up in, and the types of relationships teenage males and females form and as to why such relationships prove to be a key factor in why teenage pregnancy has such a high prevalence, within those given societies.
It creates a new imperative to understand pregnancy and the high risk sexual activity of which it is a consequence. In South Africa the teenage years are characterised by socially allowed freedom and sexual experimentation for both genders, but particularly for young men. For most South Africans marriage is relatively late, pre-marital sexual activity is the norm and pre-marital child bearing and impregnation are socially accepted. Although only 3% of woman under the age 20 years are married or live with a partner, 35% have been pregnant or have a child. Teenage pregnancies commonly occur in women who are still at school (Jewkes, R., Vundule, C., Maforah,
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In-depth research has showed that many teenagers are encouraged to become pregnant to prove their love, fertility as well as womanhood. These woman young women are often encouraged by grandmothers to produce a baby for the home and mothers often indicate that teenage pregnancy is infinitely preferable to the possibility of infertility caused by contraceptive use. The baby is usually accepted into the mothers’ family, given the protection of her ancestors, looked after by elder women and the mother is often able return to school (Jewkes, R., Vundule, C., Maforah, F. and Jordaan, E.

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