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Nowadays, the situation of children and youth in many countries around the world, especially in Thailand that it has intensified almost all aspects, whether it be attitude, deviation, religion, extravagance, controversy, violence, even addiction. From the past to present, Thailand has to confront with numerous problems among a teenager and one of them is the major overlooked problem which is the problem of Teenage pregnancy. Teenage pregnancy is the problem that a woman who under the age of 20 are getting pregnant and became an underage mum which also known as adolescent pregnancy. According to UNICEF (2015), the rate of teenage pregnancy is increasing in Thailand while the rate of contraception use is decreasing from the past
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Due to several factors, it is another serious issue, linked to teen pregnancy problem which tends to be more intense and become long-term issues in Thailand. This essay is aimed at studying the causes and effects of teenage pregnancy problem, in order to identify the problem and making the best possible recommendation for resolving this issue.

There are several causes of Teenage pregnancy in Thailand. Many organizations have researched and identified the contributing factors of the teenage pregnancy in various situations. Firstly, mass media and social network, currently mass media is the important part in creating attitudes and values for all people in society. Thailand is considered as a free country where spreading the news and massages is wide freedom. Adolescents can easily access to sexual content on television, social media, and others available sources could likely be the threat and lead them to engage in sexual activities. Contrary to the availability of contraception and other prevention that Thai children are unable to access. It increases that they will have unprotected sex.

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