Essay On Teenage Shootings

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Many reports of teen shootings have made their way to the news headlines and reports, and many studies try to link them to violent video games or explain why violent video games aren’t the cause of these shootings.
Every year violent video games are on the top of the media market, so clearly, violence does sell (Anderson “Violent Video Games Promote”). And as the years go on, it seems that more teen shootings are heard of over the news.
Some articles state that exposure to media violence are a risk factor for aggression and violence (Anderson “Violent Video Games Cause”).
A study called Virtually Numbed made subjects stick their hands in ice cold water to find a paperclip, and the study concluded that subjects that subjects placed themselves
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Surely they should be heavily influenced by video games, right? No. They aren’t influenced because they know the difference between real life and a virtual one.
It is proven that media is a “powerful learning tool,” said a statement called the “Joint Statement on the Impact of Entertainment Violence on Children” (Anderson “Video Games Cause…”). But a person always has a say in what he or she wants to do next, no matter how much they are being influenced.
The effect of video games on behavior and the results of such studies are being criticized again and again, and still no one is sure how to answer the question.
Bad actions can lead to aggression, and vice versa, with changes in behavior in the mix. All of that is and isn’t a result of violent video games.
With violence and even worse actions and behaviors being an offspring to aggression, it’s very dangerous when dealing with aggression, yet not all aggression is born from violent video games.
The environment also plays a role in this equation of destruction. If the world seems to be a cruel place, then the person might feel that all of these brutal ways are acceptable. But, when a person’s behavior turns for the worst, creating a safe haven can nullify the effects of all the destruction in the
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