Essay On Teenage Substance Abuse

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Alcohol remains on the top position of abused substances among teenagers. Marijuana is the top illegal drug that teens abuse.
-What is teen substance abuse?
While many of the teens experiment with drugs, alcohol and tobacco use, not all of them that try these substances end up using them more than a few times. But some of them cannot control their cravings and desires and end up using the substance oftenly. This is basically considered substance abuse.
The statistics of teen substance abuse are shocking:
Teenage Drug Addiction: About 1.1 million teens who are 12 – 17 years old are addicted to drugs of some or the other nature, and require drug rehab.
Teenage Alcoholism: More than 1 million teens from the ages of 12 – 17 years old are considered to be alcohol dependent and require alcohol addiction treatment.
-How peer pressure starts:
Many youngsters initially experiment with drugs or alcohol because of peer pressure that hovers over them. In fact, it is most of the times a friend who first offers drug or alcohol to the teens. A teen who has friends that drink is much more likely to be involved in drunk driving just because the peer group approves of the use of alcohol. Likewise, use of drugs or alcohol will also worsen if the teen is part of the group who condones using these substances.
The trend of drug use
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The initiation of first use of drug is determined by the interaction between social, cultural, cognitive, attitudinal, personality, and also developmental factors. The earliest influences to consume alcohol, smoke or use drugs might come from the family. Factors which are related to drug use during teenage include low self-esteem, low religiosity, low school performance, rejection by parents, dysfunction in family, abuse, over-controlling by parents, and divorce between
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