Essay On Telling The Truth Is Better Than Lies

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Telling the truth is better than hurting the people with the lies. Truth is the foundation for a good relationship. Once we tell a lie, we will have to speak many lies. Telling a lie will give only partial happiness to that person, but when he will know about the truth he will feel very bad. Our religion teaches us to be honest in our life. In majority of the situations, the truth succeeds against lies. To be honest in our deeds is much better than to be fake in our work. We will achieve success by speaking truly in our life. Firstly, here is an example of two best friends which tells us that truth can build a good relationship rather than lies. Sita and Gita were the best friends from childhood itself. One day during the annual function of the college, Gita asked Sita “How do I look in this dress?” Sita told her that u look much fat in this dress. Gita felt very bad and she started crying. Sita could have told her u look skinny and beautiful in that dress, but when other friends would have teased her, she would have felt much bad. But Sita always spoke the truth.…show more content…
The examples of two best friends teach us in the best way. Honesty develops trust in the other person. Trust leads to a good and long lasting relationship. The example of Dhirubhai Ambani, the great businessman, also explains us that true people always succeed in life. It is important to speak truth and achieve permanent happiness, rather than to speak lies and achieve partial happiness. The example of a doctor is an exception in it. But in the end, we have to tell the truth. Doctor told a lie because he had to save the life of his patient. So, in such situations we can tell a lie. To be honest is much better than hurting the people with false beliefs. The truth wins against the lies in most of the situations. We should be honest in our work and we will definitely succeed in the

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