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Terrorism has become one of the most important issues being faced by today’s world. Through the fast media effects of any event occurring in any part of world are immediately carried to other parts of the world. "One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter". (David Hanny, 2005) The event of 9/11 completely changed the world by raising fear and uncertainty to high levels (Canton, 2006). As far as Pakistan is concerned, it is one of the most affected countries of the world and in 2008; Pakistan was at the top of the countries with deaths by suicide bombing (Khan, 2009). The annual death toll from recent terrorist attacks has risen from 164 in 2003 to 3318 in 2009, massing up to 35,000 Pakistanis being killed as of 2010. According to Government of Pakistan estimates the total economic damage caused by terrorism directly or indirectly masses up to 68 billion dollars. (Mohsin Hameed, 2011) Pakistan is continuously facing large number of suicide attacks in recent years. In this study we want to find out about the negative effects of terrorism on employee’s stress and how are these influenced by self efficacy. Fear arising from terrorism is a powerful motivator for individual’s…show more content…
Terrorism Catastrophizing Scale (TCS) was developed by Sinclair & LoCicero in 2007, to measure the fear perceived by public related to terrorism. We are going to test the relationship between TCS and self efficacy of individuals and how self efficacy moderates the effects of TC. Self efficacy refers to the beliefs of an individual regarding a specific action to be done (Bandura, 1997). Self efficacy plays very important role in coping the employee’s behavior with the stressors such as terrorism (Leiter, 1991; Stumpf, Brief & Hartman, 1987; Jex, Bliese, 1999). Employees with high level of self efficacy are more likely to cope with negative effects of terrorism (Jex, Bliese,

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