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Terrorism Terrorism is becoming a raising problem in the world today and not to many people understand the true complexity of the problem in this research paper you will be looking at what terrorism truly is, how other countries are funding and aiding terrorist groups so that they attack their enemies, the effect that terrorism has on globalization and technology, Financing of terrorist, efforts of counter terrorism, and how the recruit more members into their groups. People need to be further informed on all that is happening with terrorism so that the can have a true knowledge of what they do, how they do it, and the impact that terrorism has on the world. What truly is terrorism? It is an act of unlawful violence especially against…show more content…
The existence of the airline industry has created another angle of attack that can be used by terrorists. Because globalization has increased methods of communication, the number of ways terrorist organizations can make threats is infinite. Security measures around the world have become more extreme due to the threat of a terrorist attack. “Global terrorism depends on the success of globalization”(Dr. Muqtedar Khan). Because of the expansion of globalization it has become increasingly easy for terrorist attacks to occur. Communication to show, create, and display propaganda has become easier than ever before. Making the terrorist lies spread further than they ever could on their…show more content…
added measures in Counter Terrorism one of the new things added was the Transport Security Administration which would tighten security around airports a luggage now had to be screened, people who had tickets where the only ones allowed through security. New Machinery was added to scan for destructive items and weapons. Cockpits on the planes where reinforced so that nothing could get through. Pilots could go through a program to be certified to carry a gun on the plane. They also implemented operation Noble eagle which was the activation of thousands of National Guards and hold work force to perform security missions on army bases, airplane terminals and other potential targets, for example, bridges, control plants, and port

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