Essay On Terrorism In Canada

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Nowadays, people in many developing countries do not have living standards that meet the basic human need. There are people suffering and dying from starving, malnutrition, and diseases everyday in the developing world. The contrast between the life of those people and that of the developed world is very significant. Building strategic infrastructure investments such as basic food supply, good economy and health care system is extremely important to a country and there is no exception to Canada and those developing countries. Since basic infrastructure services are so vital, why aren’t Canada help the developing countries with theirs? (Daily Commercial News, 2004) There is a national realization in Canada about worldwide poverty reduction,…show more content…
Assisting the developing countries can make the world more safety. Most of the terrorism in the world are originated from those poor developing countries. The poverty is one of the main reasons of terrorism. When people do not have enough resources and good environment to support their basic human need, they will feel dissatisfied with their lives and feel unfair when comparing with those rich developed countries. Some of them regard the developed countries such as U.S. as their enemy. Currently, many academic writings about the terrorism and conflict showed that poverty increased the probability of political upset and civil war. Therefore, the appearance of terrorism seems logical. (NBER, n.d.) As the peacekeeper, Canadians are kind people and willing to improve the lives of the poor people in the world. When the developing countries have greater security and stability, there may be less terrorism in the world. Therefore, there will be a safer world which leads to a safer Canada. (Canada’s Economic Action Plan, n.d.) Canada should try their best to prevent the factors which will threaten the world safety. Therefore, helping those developing countries to meet the basic human need is Canada’s

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