Terrorism In The Middle East

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Terrorism In The Middle East

For hundreds of years, terrorism has plagued parts of the world to a standstill, countries such as Syria and Afghanistan have been critically damaged due to the cause of radical Islam . With the problems persisting around the world, the threat of terrorism is slowly consuming people, communities, and governments. ISIS so far, has even recruited 30,000 people (Danner). The ideologies of terrorism spread across the world that have derived from the Middle East, is a constant problem that has plagued the world for centuries.
To begin the stance on terrorism throughout the nations around and in the Middle East which have no plans for an agreeance on security for their people. Terrorism is easily thrived,
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The presence of the Islamic State and its provinces or like-minded groups had negotiations to be in joint successions but now are against in parties in the war that cannot be at the negotiating table because of their horrific actions and beliefs. With this pillaging and horrendous actions can occur, and serves as a moral issue around the world. The Islamic State’s inhumane practices also lead to the udder most disruption of communities from the occupied territory within the Islamic state.With religious minorities and presence of the Muslims who do not comply with the group’s extreme standards problems will occur that need action on. beyond war, however, the group poses a major threat to democracy in the region. Regional dictators have long argued that the choice is between them and the abyss, forcing the population to choose between personal safety and political freedom.(Billet)This this thus far forcing innocent people to flee or suffer death or enslavement. In addition, the group does not respect borders, and it tries to broaden civil wars to neighboring states as it seeks to defend and expand its…show more content…
Arabs refused to recognize Israel, Therefore the leveling of the religious tenssions have had a driving factor for tyranny in the Middle East. Also There was religious intolerance between both groups. The territory given to Israel contained many religious sites for both Arabs and Jews. The wars and tensions had taught the islamic states to be aware of the problems the people occur and that they should not be passive, they learned to strike first and strike hard. But Arab nations Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Iraq problems have caused major problems throughout the country to support the resistance of the pursuit in destroying

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