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From the days of British colonies, America has been a melting pot of different cultures. At some point in time, British English accent shifted to an all American accent. From all the other English dialects in the world, what is more fascinating is that within America, every state has its own accents, word choice and vocabulary. The Texas accent remains distinct from other dialects of American English. In comparison to all other states in America, the four main accents of Texas are different and it represents the north Texas accent, the drawl in east Texas, the twang of West Texas, and the Spanish/Mexican accent of the south Texas.
Originally, the state of Texas was once part of the Spanish government after Mexico won its independence from Spain in 1821. They took the lone star state with them, but not for long. Just over fifteen years later in 1836, Texas was born, and for nine years it stayed a country of its own until it agreed to join the U.S. in 1845. Throughout time, people from all over the world moved to Texas. The first settler, Moses Austin, a native of Connecticut, left his unsuccessful business in Missouri and moved to Texas, but died after filing a formal settlement with the then Mexican government
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Unlike some eastern and southern words like "y 'all", the north Texas accent does not have the thick Texas accents. “When most Texans think of Texas dialects, they likely think of the speech of an elderly man sitting outside a country store at some rural Texas crossroads or that of some older relative living in a small Texas town with its sprawling pastures, Just the word Texas evokes images of rootin ' tootin ' cowboys in 10-gallon hats shouting "howdy y 'all!" (“Do you speak Texan?”). The image of north Texas became more popular by the television show like Dallas and how the actors portrayed what Dallas Texans should look
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