Essay On Texas Public Policy

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Public policy is the principled guide to action by the state with the regards to a class issues. Public policy is effective when it encourages active citizenship and it solves problems efficiently and effectively, and it serves justice. When public policy is made in the public’s interest and motivations can provide public services
Texas provides public services for education. Strong public schools, strong colleges and universities, and string early childhood education to ensure a prosperous future. The service is provided for everyone living in the jurisdiction of Texas regardless of income, mental acuity, physical ability.
Another public service that Texas provides is for health and human services which helps citizens with benefits to food stamps, Medicaid and children health insurance program. The goal of health and human services is to enhance and protect the health and well-being of all Americans by proving affordable health care and human
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Immigration in Texas has affected the political subculture of the state in the south. The new immigrants adapt to the old political subculture and because they are not legal residents of the state they cannot participate in political culture that can change the way they live specially in the southern parts of Texas like Hidalgo county, Texas where they have highest poverty rate in the nation with forty percent of the residents enroll in the food stamp program.
In Texas colonias are unregulated settlements, they are considered rural subdivisions because they lack infrastructure, sewage, roads, and a water system. It is hard for Texas to make change when they have the largest colonia population in the country. The Texas government has played a small role in the colonias because the colonias depend on the local public funds and other resources which are often limited because of the growing colonia
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