Essay On Texas Redistricting

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The Texas Redistricting have been mandated by Texas Constitution since 1876. Base on the Constitution, every 10 years, Texas Government ( or Legislature to be clear) have to redraw the state representative and senatorial district. After the Redistricting in 2002, the Republican and Democratic have been fighting for their additional congress seats. After splingting Texas into 17-15 sears in U.S House Representative, the Democraft won Republician by 2 seats It 's not common for a district to redraw in the middle of decade; However, this just was done because of a plan that was submitted at the 2003 legislative session. Following the 2003, a regular session have been closed due to the lack of quorums and none of the vote have been made by the Democrat. After that, a special session have been called to discuss further about the problems of the redistricting.While the house passed it,the senator blocked it due to the 2/3 requirement.In the next event,…show more content…
Due to the lack of population and the differences in the rate of citizen in Texas Map, we really have to concider about redraw the map in voting.There is a thing called gerrymandering that make the redraw of the map become unfair. For example, there are 100 people divided into purple and yellow,they both support different idea. 40% are yellow and 60% are purple and they stand equally in 1 square. If the purple have the right to redraw their own district, it could be all 4 district of purple. In that case, the yellow will have no right to vote. However, If the yellow can redraw the disctrict lines however they want, they can still win with less voter then purple ( 3 yellow and 1 purple). Another example of gerrymandering is the voting in 2012, Pennsylvania Republicans lost the popular vote, but they still won 72% of their seats by redrawing the districts line in a weird looking way but it contain the area have most of the voter and high
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