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After a long, ruthless battle with Mexico, Texas hoped to get annexed to the U.S. and live in peace. Their wish was granted; however, they were not able to live in peace for long. After being a part of the US for __ years, Texas began to disagree with the rest of the US on many issues such as slavery and states’ rights, just to name a few. After seeing a few other states secede from the Union, the Texans got motivated to do so as well. Secede means, to officially leave a country or state. These are the reasons as to why Texas seceded from the US. Slavery was the main part of Texas’ economy. Slave labor was the only way for Texans to successfully grow large fields of cotton and harvest it all in time. Without slaves, Texas’ economy would experience a major downfall. As time went by, the number of slaves in Texas only grew. According to statistics from the Bureau of Census, the slave population drastically increased, in“ 1836: 5000 1850: 58,161 1860: 182,566” (Document A). After depending so much on slavery for labor, it would be extremely hard for Texas to be able to quit using it and still be able to balance their economy. States’ Rights was also a big part of Texas seceding. Texans believed that they should get their own say on small details, like slavery.
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Many Texans were very proud of what they were. They did not want to give up their pride to the North. According to John Wesley Rabb” … only enlist for texas service.”(Document D). Many Texans felt that they needed to fight for their rights. They felt like this would help the North see Texas as equal and cause the US to give them a fair say in political issues. Also according to John Wesley Rabb,” If I ever marry it will be in Texas...”(Document D). Many Texans also wanted Texas to be like it always was and did not what any influence from the north in it. Along with that they wanted all their life’s memories to happen in
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