Essay On Texting While Driving

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We all know that almost all of us have mobile phones. Almost all of us are fond of communicating with our loved ones using our mobile phones, but do we really need to communicate with them even when we are driving? Does it even guarantee us safety? Each day, motorists are having trouble from the road. Most cases are due to using mobile phones while driving. Talking to someone on the phone while driving, pushing them to the situation that they lose focus on driving on the road. They might not even able to hear the sound of the horn while driving. Well, we really have a law for some motorists from texting while driving. But the question is, “ Is it really going to be easy to enforce this law here in our country?”. I guess it is not going to be easy for the policemen and traffic enforcers to enforce this law. As I can see, some traffic…show more content…
This includes multi-tasking while driving. According to a 2009 Nielsen study cited by O Magazine, “ there is a 77 percent of motorists admitting that they are texting, calling and sending e-mails while driving.” . In this study, the bottom line is every motorist should be reserving multi-tasking for when you’re at the office, home or you should leave it by completely out of driving on the roads. Another risk is when drivers take their sight out and shift their focus on driving on the road. Taking off their focus on driving gives them a higher percentage of having fatal accidents. They might crash and have injuries in some instances for every time they send mails, messages or when they receive calls. People who are involved in texting while driving on road puts other innocent people in danger. We need to inform and educate civilians about the dangers or tragedies of distracted drivers and to seek for us to identify and facilitate the Philippines’s development of legalized technology that will reduce cases of street accidents due to the drivers’ undisciplined actions while
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