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Thailand or officially known as the Kingdom of Thailand is one of the most visited countries in Southeast Asia. It may be surrounded by equally beautiful countries like Myanmar (northwest), Laos (northeast), Cambodia (southeast) and Malaysia (south), but it has distinct treasures to share among travelers and tourists.

People can find almost anything they want in this ‘land of smiles.’ If want to swim, they can find crystal blue beaches. If they want adventure, Thailand has thick, green jungles. If they are food lovers, there are lots of exotic foods in here. If they want eye candies, Thailand has rich art and culture for enthusiasts.

Thai Art
Thailand’s art has gotten its influence from Buddhists and Hindus of India and other nearby countries. This influence can be seen in the sculpture, book illustrations, and paintings that depict Indian
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They designed a structure with a perfect style that has been archetype of later monuments. The built monuments include wat or monastery, temply, stupa or Chedi, viharas, and Phra Prang. These structures have the Sinhalese architecture influence and architectural features of the early Buddhist art like Sri-Vijaya art of Southern Thailand.

The main architectural achievement of the Thai is the stupa or chedi which are mound-like or hemispherical structure where people meditate. Chedis was divided into three categories by scholars and archeologists. The first type is the Original Sukhothai Chedi which as three superimposed rectangular pedestals. It also has a small and redented central part on the top of which is a finial in the form of a lotus bud.

The second type is the Round Ceylonese Stupa which has a square or rectangular basement. It has the alms-bowl-shaped dome or anda, the square base and the successive superimposed spire above it. An example is the Chedi Wat Chang Lom as shown in the

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