The Bloody Sunday Massacre: The Cause Of The 1905 Russian Revolution

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On Sunday January the 9th , or the 22nd depending on whether you are going by the Julian or Gregorian calendars, peaceful demonstrators marched on in the snow blanketed streets of St. Petersburg, continuing through the cold and frigid temperatures of January in St. Petersburg to go and voice their concerns to their Czar. These protesters, armed only with only religious symbols, pictures of the Czar, and the petitions in which they had outlined their grievances, had no idea of the horrors that awaited at the Winter Palace. The Grand Duke Vladimir, having failed to halt the protests, met the peaceful protests with gunfire and bloodshed. Bullets ripped through the cold St. Petersburg air, replacing the silence with screams of terror and agony.…show more content…
The Massacre sparked protests and demonstrations leading to the 1905 Russian Revolution which brought about a huge shift of power. The once autocratic government, then became a constitutional monarchy. In response to the Russian’s poor performance during the Great War along with the increased strain in relation between the Czar and his subjects, came the Russian Revolution of 1915 \( The Soviet Union also known as the Union of Soviet Socialists Republics in its prime occupied 15 countries including, Kazakhstan and Armenia ( Similarly, the American Bloody Sunday which saw the country’s African American community brutally beaten and bitten by police dogs in what supposed to be a peaceful protest for their rights as citizens of their country. Ultimately resulted in the advancement and progression of African Americans within American society. Nelson Mandela’s struggle and fight to abolish Apartheid within South Africa also came about with some bloodshed. All these demonstrations have one important point in common, progress and true change at times comes at the consequence of
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