Essay On The 1920s In Canada

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Applying the characterization of “roaring” to explain the 1920s in Canada would be deceptive. The decade of the 1920s contains events and actions that directly represent its disastrous ways. Several sectors of the economy lagged behind due to natural disasters, terrorism and immigration policies. The economic and social divisions between regions and cultures became more evident than throughout the war years. Several components and stories were hidden by the decade 's accomplishments. Yet, abundant proof suggests that the 1920s were more whimpering than roaring. Natural Disasters were common throughout the 1920s. From Swift Current to Calgary, disaster was faced within the southern prairies. Between 1917 and 1922, crops withered and died as…show more content…
In Canada, the KKK was anti-Jewish, in Quebec anti-French, in Saskatchewan, anti-Asian in British Columbia, and anti-foreigners everyplace. The terrorist group was particularly victorious within the West. In British Columbia, over 13,000 individuals were members of the terrorist group in 1927. There, they insisted that the government stop the immigration of all Japanese, Chinese, and Indian individuals and demanded that they take away the property of all Asians living in Canada. Within the grassland provinces, the terrorist group claimed that almost all foreigners were either criminals or insane. Across the prairies, giant crosses were set on fire on the tops of hills to protest the utilization of French and alternative “foreign” languages. The KKK was most powerful in Saskatchewan, where church leaders and newspapers gave it their support. Owing to the KKK propaganda, the provincial government stopped teaching French in grade one. A significant terrorist act occurred one February night close to the end of the decade. Approximately 75 individuals sporting long white robes and black hoods marched down the main street in Oakville, Ontario. Once setting fire to an oversized cross in the middle of the city, they marched to a house occupied by a black man and a white woman. They carried the woman away and warned the man never to walk in the streets with a white girl again. Only one man was found guilty by
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