Essay On The 1920s Roaring

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Lauren Sion
Mr. Scharrenberg
US History (4)
28 March 2018
Why Were the 1920s Called the Roaring 20s? The term “roaring” is characterized by prosperity, optimism, and excitement (Oxford English Dictionary). In the US, the years from 1920 to 1929 consisted of a lot of growth and success for the country. America and its people were thriving. It was nothing like what they had seen before. Various factors led to the commotion and enthusiasm of the time: the economy and industry were prospering, new forms of the arts and entertainment arose, and new attitudes and fashion became popular, naming this era the “roaring” 20s. First, the success of the economy and industry contributed to the roaring nature of the 20s. There was a boom in business which influenced the way people behaved. People were buying on credit more often which in turn increased consumer spending and the standard of living among citizens. People had an “eagerness to own radios, electrical appliances, and especially automobiles [and it] led them to sign up on installment plans, by which consumers made regular payments, including interest, until they had purchased the item” (The Business of America: The Economy in the 1920s). Americans got caught up in the idea of owning fancy new products so some were spending more than they could afford to. By having the option to buy items without needing to be able to fully afford the product at the time of purchase, people bought more expensive products than they did before and

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