Essay On The 1960s

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There were many major keys to the success of the 1960s movements but, which are the most relevant to today’s world. The 1960s had many major social movements, and they have changed the history of the world forever. There were many things that went on in this time period that have made a major impact on today’s society. There were many moving pictures with a lot of representation still in it today. There are many songs that still hold their emotional impact that they once had. Most importantly were some of the events that took place that helped changed the minds of many ignorant people that only saw what they wanted to see. The world today will forever be shaped by the history that helped mold what we are today and, what we will be in the future. Eddie Adams photograph execution of Viet Cong Prisoner, Saigon, 1968 is a phenomenal picture and, has a fantastic story that goes with it. It’s a picture of a man with the name Nguyen Van Lem and he has a gun held to his head by Nguyen Ngoc Loan. The picture is taken just moments from the execution of Nguyen Van Lem. Nguyen Ngoc Loan said “They killed many of my men and many of our…show more content…
These major events that went on still can be brought up and comparted to something that is going on today. Eddie Adams picture shows the truth behind war, the brutal realization of death and the fear on a person’s face before their death. Also Nina Simone’s song “Mississippi God Damn” has a lot of emotion in it and I feel that is still powerful today because people can have a hard time expressing themselves. But her song is so clear and, shows the troubles of that time that are still relevant today. Then the March in Selma has such a powerful effect on the civil rights movement. The march is what practically brought the voting problems to an end. The history of the 1960s and other time periods too have a huge representation when it was released and a huge representation today
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