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The 1970s were very important years in history. These years were known as the tumultuous, pivot-of-change years. Innovations were made along with new music, and rights for minority groups were established. Ray Charles, Patricia Schroeder, and Martin Cooper all made great differences on our lives. In this essay, I will describe how these three people have effected the world. The blues and jazz were major parts of the 1970s music, which connected with the drugs that were newly introduced. This did not stop an extraordinary musician named Ray Charles. Born in Florida, a young Ray Charles learned to play the piano, the clarinet, the trumpet, the saxophone, and to read and compose music in Braille. This was possible for him due to his attending to the school for the deaf and blind in St. Augustine. At age fifteen, Ray was orphaned. He moved to Jacksonville and joined multiple traveling bands.Years after, he formed a band and…show more content…
In the 70s, many new inventions were in being created. This included new electronics, transportation systems, and other items that are now considered essential to our everyday lives. “The 1970s were a decade of impressive technological invention and development with the first microprocessors, calculators and video games strutting onto the scene oozing cool,” (“7 Technologies to Thank” 2010). Some of these inventions included Post-it Notes made by Arthur Fry, the Rubiks Cube made by Ernie Rubik, Floppy Discs, and the Hacky Sack. Today we still use many objects that were made in the same time period such as digital cameras, pocket calculators, bar codes, the email, roller blades, and VCRs. One major creation was the cell phone which was created by Martin Cooper, Cooper was an American engineer who worked with the wireless communication industry. In 1973 he came up with the idea of a handheld telephone, introduced the idea to the company he worked for, and marketed it in 1983. These inventions were a large step in the improvement of

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