Essay On Should Electoral College Be Abolished

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All through the history of the United States of America, many people have discussed the abolishment of the Electoral College. For many reasons, some believe it is what makes our country have the type of government we have, some believe that it's what limits the power of the government, and many people such as Mitch McConnell believes it is what gives us our freedom and prosperity. While these are valid arguments there is a multitude of reasons to why the electoral college should be abolished. Such as there is only a need for twelve states in order to become the president, popular vote of the people for president can still lose, and the Swing states are given too much power and attention compared to that of the other states. This is why I believe in the abolishment of the Electoral College. First, with the specifications of the electoral college there only needs to be 270 electoral votes to a person for them to win. With this rule only 12 states need to be won CA, TX, FL, NY, IL, PA, OH, MI, GA, NC, and NJ(DOC A) and this is only a part of the overall population of America. While …show more content…

This includes the popular vote not being taken seriously as the people's wishes, the need for only 12 states to win and become president, and the neglection of other states and the attention given to the swing states. All represents that the Electoral college is not what is limiting the power of the government and giving the people what they want, but instead is what truly empowers the government and takes away the choice we Americans should have and posses. While this is what the electoral college is doing now the abolishment of the electoral college should take place in order to give the power back to the people. Do you want to keep living your life truly powerless in the decision of our next leader? Or do you want to give the power back to the people of the USA, and take back our power to choose the right

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