Age Of Enlightenment Essay

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The age of enlightenment came to an end during the French revolution that had a violent aspect that discredited it in the eyes of many people. The opponents of enlightenment argued that the goal of bringing out rationality within the affairs of humans were quite ambitious and could never be achieved. It was followed by another opposing intellectual movement referred to as Romanticism. However, there are still some 19th - century movements such as neo-classicism and liberalism that trace their heritage back to the Enlightenment period (Gay, 189). This means that the enlightenment age served as a basis for the development of other movements that would come later.
Life today Today, enlightenment is seen in new understanding and practices that have taken a hold of the social sector and have resulted in the production of better and measurable results when it comes to the different social problems. There are many social problems faced in the society today that leave many questions such as :if its is possible to increase empathy and
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Today, people are becoming smarter when it comes to bringing others together in order to come up with more comprehensive solutions. This is a shift from what was seen in the age of enlightenment where an emphasis was put on the division of labor. According to Adam Smith, a pin factory would end up multiplying its productivity in many folds if individual workers specialized in a particular aspect of making pins. In the society today, there are many organizations that are adopting the pin factories point of view in their operations. The only problem in life today is that social issues are mostly multi-dimensional. For instance, in order to solve the health issues in a community with low-income, one has to find a solution to issues of housing and make healthcare accessible. This is how people are thinking of finding solutions to their
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