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The Age of Exploration was a great change in the history of world during 15th-18th century. European explorers went on voyages of discovery in search of different routes for getting riches. Once the New World was discovered, the exploration brought many new things to Europe and from other places of the world to the New World. Three causes for the Age of Exploration were Glory, God, and Gold and the effects of the European exploration were the European dominance of the world, the spread of religion and the Columbian Exchange, which introduced many new products and at the same time brought diseases.
One cause for the Age of Exploration was Glory. People wanted to explore different and mysterious places. Glory was founded in adventures and discovered
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People waned to spread Christianity and to convert natives to their religion. In a letter, written by Father King to a friend back in Spain in 1687, the Catholic Priest explained how with God's help he converted three hundred Indians to Christianity (doc. 6). Religion was very important to people, and many explorers spread their religion to new lands with the conviction that God would reward them for spreading their religious believes. Henry the Navigator was one of the explorers, who wanted to spread the Christianity during his expeditions. Local people were very susceptible to the influence of Europeans. The historical drawing shows a religious ceremony beginning outside of a Spanish mission in present-day Texas, where both other Europeans and Native Americans have stopped what they were doing to participate in the ceremony (doc. 5). By following the Europeans, people showed their weakness by following the words and action of others. The Aztecs and the Mayas were conquered, because they thought that the Europeans were Gods. The second effect of the European exploration was the spread of religion. By setting out on expeditions to the Americas, explorers were going with the thought and goal to persuade the natives to accept their beliefs and to convert them to Christianity, by spreading this religion around the

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