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Paulo Coelho captures the journey of a young shepherd finding his Personal Legend in an awe-inspiring, sleek and captivating novel named The Alchemist. The story of The Alchemist focuses in on Santiago, a shepherd that has just found his Personal Legend and will pursue it into the unfamiliar land of Africa. Santiago is just a regular shepherd but, after dreaming of treasure at the pyramids Santiago goes to consult with a woman about his dreams and has no luck, then he meets a man in the plaza who says he’s the King of Salem. After chatting with the man Santiago decides to travel to Africa to pursue his Personal Legend. Santiago works at a mans crystal shop to earn money to travel to the pyramids and after a few successful months he hops aboard a caravan of camels and makes his way to the pyramids. War has broken out while Santiago is crossing the desert to egypt, fortunately Santiago finds refuge at an oasis. After reading omens from hawks Santiago…show more content…
Foster. This book is always great to encompass in our reading because of the enhancement it provides when connecting ideas and digging deeper into meanings. How to Read Literature like a Professor was especially useful for The Alchemist because of the abundance of biblical references included. Some of the references are very straightforward while others are somewhat harder to recognize, this is why the chapter ...Or the Bible was so essential to my reading. One similarity which I noticed was when Santiago was eating his lunch a man approached him. The man called himself Melchizedek, King of Salem. That is the first reference, the man was a king of Salem named Melchizedek. In both the Bible and The Alchemist Melchizedek is present and revealed: “ The old man laughed. ‘Well, I’m the king of Salem!’... ‘My name is Melchizedek.’ ” (19) Then also in The Bible: “ For this Melchizedek, king of Salem.” (Heb.
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