Essay On The American Dream Alive Today

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Many people have and are still coming to America, seeking this thing we once knew as the American dream. The American dream has been around since 1776 but was later coined in 1931. (Novak, 2015). Is the American dream still alive today? Is the American dream still worth pursing? Many people leave their homelands and come to America for what? Maybe a false dream that might not even still be alive today or even worth pursuing. Please take this journey with me through my paper to see if the American dream is still alive today. If it is, is the American dream even worth pursuing anymore? Throughout time many people of many different ethnicities have come to America in search of the American dream, not knowing whether or not it was still there to pursue or if it was even worth pursuing. Although those …show more content…

But that’s not how its perceived as today by Americans. I personally feel as if the American dream should not be looked at as if it is all about money. Money can’t buy you happiness, yes it can buy you stuff to make you happy but that is only going to pacify you for so long until you go back unhappy. There is more to the American dream then that, it should defiantly go back to how it was decades ago, pursuing your dream of being happy is the main key to the American dream. Back in the 1920’s is when most people who came to America said they came for just that reason to pursue their dreams even if that meant coming over to America to still be poor. They had the freedom to do whatever they wanted. If they wanted to be a worker at a sawmill they could. Their bosses weren’t going to look at the man’s money situation and say oh you can’t work here you don’t have enough money to be one of our

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