Essay About The American Dream

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A land in which dreams are made, where the poor man can become rich, and the starved can become full. America, the land in which people travel from far away places, in hopes of a better world. Immigrants, the people who built this country out of a desire for a better life, once hopeful and dreaming of prosperity in the future. People from far and wide come in search of the American Dream, an idea that has made the United States a saving grace for foreigners. All are meant to be welcomed here, those in desperate need, and those who simply crave the freedom America offers.
When America comes to mind, freedom, and liberty used to be the image that people thought of. Now, when people view the United States, they think of anger and rejection, a sad depiction of a country once known for the beautiful American Dream. The American Dream used to simply be a house with a white picket fence, and the picture-perfect family. After time passed and society grew into what it has become in the twenty-first century, the American Dream became acceptance, into a world in which rejection surrounds you. The American Dream, once strong and sure in America, is now just that: a dream, an ideal we can never seem to
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Now, success in America is different: it is defined as being happy, despite the surroundings around us. The twenty-first century has a society in which happiness has become the greatest achievement a person can have; you can have all of the riches in the world, but you are still seen as a poor man if you are not happy. Not many Americans can truly say they are successful; many are unhappy, and cannot seem to feel jubilee in their lives. By this standard, I can gladly say that I am a rarity; I am a generally a happy person, despite every imperfection in my life. My life is far from picture perfect, but I’m still happy, as the imperfections make it much sweeter
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