Essay On The American Dream Real

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America is the greatest country to ever exist in the history of all time. Where else in the world are you able to be whatever you want? As long as you work hard and apply yourself, you can achieve anything. In America, anyone can climb the social ladder if they put their mind to it. Success stories are all over the place. It 's the land of equal opportunity. There 's absolutely no discrimination. That 's the American Dream, and it 's amazing, until you wake up. There 's a reason why dreams are generally not considered real. Unfortunately though, the American Dream is so deeply ingrained into our society that it 's more like being in a coma than just sleeping. Whenever I go to Indianapolis I make sure my wallet is stuffed full of one dollar…show more content…
Why then, are Americans so wrapped up in this idealistic world where everyone is rewarded for their struggles? The American Dream is pounded into the heads of children as soon as they 're able to comprehend the fact that they 'll eventually be adults. I doubt that there 's a single American who has never been asked what they want to be when they grow up. We encourage people to do what they love from preschool to graduation, but we don 't let them read the fine print. Think about the kids that fell in love with the stars at a young age and were devastated when they learned how much math it takes to get to them. Think about the kids who are talented artists, musicians, and actors, who will never get to make a living from their passions because the job market is so competitive. What about the girls who have to fight for a STEM career, or the boys struggling to be taken seriously as artists? The road to success is just a block away from the boulevard of broken dreams. Yet everyone keeps holding on. Through all the hardship and disappointment, we keep clinging to our little boxes of hope. Nobody wants to wake up from the American Dream, and when someone does, they smash the snooze button, roll over, and go back to sleep. It 's easier to keep dreaming than to wake up and face the world. It 's easier to just stay comatose rather than become
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