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Geographical Setting: What continent? What Landforms? What important Places?
The Aztecs lived on swampy lands in Mesoamerica. They made chinampas on lakes for farmland because their land was mainly lake. They were located where the Valley of Mexico is now. Toltecs ruled region, but only small city states remained. In 1325 the Aztecs settled on the lake.

Political (Leadership, citizenship, decision-making institutions)
The Aztecs made alliances with other nearby city states and if they refused the Aztecs conquered them. By 1500’s Aztecs ruled an empire of 6 to 12 million people. The Aztec empire stretched from the Gulf to the Pacific ocean, from the Valley to modern Guatemala. The Aztecs demanded tribute from the people of conquered lands.

Leaders: (Include Name, Time
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There were three main classes; nobles who were the most powerful and ran government and army. Then, there were artisans and merchants who made up the intermediate class. Last, there were commoners who consisted of farmers and craftspeople they were the majority.

Belief Systems (Religions, myths, rituals)
Religion dominated society. Aztecs believed in over 1,000 gods. They had public ceremonies and prayed to agriculture god for good harvests. Priests kept calendars. Sometimes war prisoners were sacrificed to the gods.

Aesthetics (Art, literature, music, dance, leisure activities, legacies to world culture)
Aztecs built large and unique structures. They consisted of mainly temples and city walls. The Aztecs had codices that were books filled with collected information. They used pictures and symbols known as glyphs to write in them. The codices were filled with colorful pictures to show details of Aztec life. They also contained official government

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