Essay On The Battle Of Jonesborough

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Civil War: The Battle of Jonesborough
Was the Civil War necessary? Were there really victories? Over the span of the Civil War there were thousands of casualties. Each battle was the result of these casualties and affected the outcome of the Civil War. As the Civil War continued many of the decisions made by the leaders led to different events and affected the outcome of the battle and how the Civil War would end. During the Battle of Jonesborough there were two generals that represented the North and South. The leader of the Union throughout the Atlanta campaign was General William T. Sherman. The top-ranked Confederate general during the campaign was Joseph E. Johnston, but was later replaced by General John Bell Hood.
General Sherman’s main mission was to destroy the Atlanta railroad lines that Hood was
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This two day battle was an advantage for the Union, but still suffered many losses. The Union lost over 100 soldiers and had many casualties. General Sherman was able to achieve his mission, which was to destroy the Atlanta railroad lines and because of this the industrial city was vulnerable. By the end of the battle, both nations lost many troops. There was a total of 3,149 casualties. The Union had an estimated 1,149 casualties and the Confederacy had an estimated 2,000 casualties. Although there were victories for both nations throughout the war, it was a loss for the United States as a whole.
At the end of this battle there were many casualties, which was about 3,149 soldiers in total. The different decisions that the leaders made during this battle resulted in a victory, but a loss for both nations. This battle gave an advantage to the Union, but it was a major blow for the Confederacy. The outcome of the battle assured Abraham Lincoln’s re-election and set the stage for Sherman’s March to the Sea. The Confederate infantries were forced to evacuate
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