Essay On The Benefits Of Universal Healthcare

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According to the World Health Organization Ranking, the United States doesn’t rank in the top 25 of the World’s Health Systems. We spend $2.7 trillion every year on health care, that’s almost 18% of the US Gross Domestic Product. Compared to other developed countries we are definitely not doing well. We spend more than twice per person on health care and yet we have the highest infant mortality, the highest obesity rate and we are second in terms of life expectancy at birth. What is making us fail in our health system? Why a country so healthy can’t provide health coverage for everyone? Shouldn’t healthcare be regarded as a constitutional right for every citizen? Healthcare‘s costs are out of reach in this country, citizens spend more per person on health care than on food and housing. It is not a lie that our economy isn’t flourishing, but how could it be if insurances are taking over the economy, preventing it from growing and leave business with less money to improve salaries and open new jobs. Today I want to discuss the benefits of universal health care and why is our health care system…show more content…
This type of healthcare doesn’t discriminate against anyone, not even the poorest person. In fact, the poor will receive the same health care than the one afforded by the rich under normal circumstances. In other words, it puts all the legal members of the society in the equal pedestal. This type of healthcare will undoubtedly improve our nation’s health, since every citizen has an equal access to medical care. Universal healthcare will reduce the amount of illness suffered by the population, create healthier people and increase productivity in all sectors. Universal health care should be seen as a human right. Everyone has the right to receive medical care and be treated equally regarding of social and financial
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