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Another interesting event to note is the Berlin Airlift. The American foreign policy following WWII was called ‘Containment’ which basically means that America cannot stop communism but we can top it from spreading. Following WWII we adopted something called the Marshall Plan which was “crucial to the overall strategy of rebuilding Europe’s war-torn economies.” It was a European recovery program to rebuild Europe’s currency, economy and to foster free trade. But there was another motive to George Marshall’s plan and that was Containment. This is in response to America’s fears of communism. The Marshall Plan is sort of an expansion of the Truman plan. Berlin is in Soviet influence but the United Sates and her allies have half of that city under…show more content…
Stalin envisioned the city of Berlin under soviet control but his vision would never come to fruition. This is a great example of the Cold War because of its antagonizing approach. America didn’t want Berlin to turn over to communism and she had too much pride to evacuate her capitalist ideals, so we flew over two hundred thousand flights to hold our ground and our option. No blood shed, but still none than less a battle. And lastly, implosion of the Soviet Union. It involved two powerful men with opposing political beliefs, two leaders struggling to protect their countries. Weapons of mass destruction causing a nuclear standoff all resulting in the end of the Cold War. The leadership of Mikel Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan and their willingness to cooperate through reforms, negotiations, and policies, propels the Soviet Union and the United States forward into a mutual agreement to end the Cold War and to bring peace among their nations, but there would be many adversity’s and competitive obstructions in the way before a compromise would come to pass; from the “Space Race” to nuclear weapons such as the ballistic missiles. “The policy of mutually assured destruction (MAD), [was] where a nuclear first strike by one side would be met by massive retaliation.” Reagan, however, did not take favor the idea of mutually assured

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