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Imagine living in a world divided, physically and psychologically, where each side viewed each other as the enemy. The Democratic west and the Communist East both had many differences and, instead of putting aside their differences, they put up the Berlin Wall. The Berlin Wall had not only separated families and friends, but is had caused tension between the two superpowers of the world. However, on June 12, 1987, Ronald Reagan had given his “Earthshaking” speech in the heart of Berlin and demanded that Mikhail Gorbachev to “Tear Down This Wall!” This is viewed as the start of the fall of the Berlin Wall.
Many critical events had led up to the Berlin wall. World War II ended in defeat and worldwide humiliation of Germany. They were divided into four sectors: the British, French, American, and Russian. (, 2017)The Berlin Wall was influenced by many leaders of different countries, the events leading up to it was the most influential.
Cultural and government practices were factors that had triggered the building of the Berlin Wall. The main reason the Berlin Wall was built by East Germans (the Communist Government) was to stop the “brain drain.” The East Germans wanted to stop all of the scientists, engineers, doctors, teachers and many more scholars from crossing over to the West side of Germany (Democratic Government). The East Germans wanted to stop these people from crossing over, because without them their economy would crash. (, 2017) Braving the

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