Essay On The Bill Of Rights Anti Federalists

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Did you know that the Bill of Rights for the Constitution wasn’t even considered until anti-federalists argued about it? Although the Constitution benefited the United States with basic principles and laws, it had much more flaws than benefits. It made the national government too strong because they were able to tax states, it gave the President too much power, and there was no Bill of Right included. One major flaw in the Constitution was that the national government has the power to tax states. According to Brutus, “State governments know best which taxes are the most appropriate for their states. In some states that may be a property tax, while in others it may be a sales tax.” This flaw could’ve been an effortless fix if they had chosen to have the power to tax, but only to the states that failed to give the national government money they were asked to grant.…show more content…
Many states can tax each other’s products. This makes America seem like 13 separate nations.” This statement is partially true because the new Constitution fixed this flaw by prohibiting states to tax imports, giving the nationals government full power to regulate trade across the states. The final most important mistake of the new Constitution was that it did not include a Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights gave Americans basic rights as a citizen of the United States and showed them that the government can’t take away these natural rights. Without the Bill of Rights, the government could do whatever they wanted to the citizens because the Constitution did not state the rights of the American people. To conclude, the new Constitution created more flaws than benefits for Americans. Although it did help America unite as one nation, it also could’ve fixed simple errors that we have today. The new Constitution made the national government too strong, it gave the President too much power, and it didn’t include a Bill of
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