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The black death was one of the most devastating pandemics in European history, resulting in millions of death between the years 1347-51. It had significant impact at the time, sparking widespread fear and leading to the breakdown of social order and family bonds. The black death also arguably led to long-term changes to the structure of European society. It is historically significant not just because of its impact but also because it reveals some dominant ideas and religious beliefs of the time. Arguably it is also significant because it is still relevant today, highlighting how communities react during times of crisis.

The Black Death had a significant impact on Europe at the time of the outbreak. Firstly, large numbers of Europeans contracted
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For example the disease resulted in increased social mobility and greater opportunities for peasants previously stuck at the bottom of the feudal system. The peasants and people of the lower class knew that no one could survive the black death so they saw death coming their way, they decided to live their last months as they pleased. The black death had scared everyone so much till the point where the houses and pubs were abandoned but all the decor and the belongings were still in place. This led to people of the lower class ( who earlier did not have a chance to attend any pubs or bars), taking over the public houses and taking their belongings and celebrating their last months with alcohol and music. Although some peasants did survive and were then convinced that they were special and that god had saved them, therefore they demanded higher wages from their masters as there was a lack of people working and the people of higher class were desperate for help. Later on when Europe was starting to recover from the black death, more equality between the class differences arose, for example, between the rich and the poor because of the increased living standards. The peasants got higher wages leading to a more equal society as the gap between rich and poor started to decrease. People became more accepting of death and it allowed Europe to start a new beginning after the

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