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The Black Plague took millions of lives throughout europe and other countries. The black plague first spread in China more than 2,600 years ago, because China was one of the busiest world trading nations, it was only a matter of time until the outbreak of plague in China spread to Africa and Europe. In the 1330’s an outbreak of the bubonic plague spread.The disease started spreading first in Western europe, where it later on also went to africa. Most of the spreading happened in Europe. In countries like Germany, France, England, Italy. The ships left from Genoa and stopped for a little in Marseilles before moving on to Spain. Whole towns were wiped out. Many historians report that on occasion, there weren 't enough survivors left to bury the…show more content…
France was first struck by the black plague in the 1340’s. It was caused by a bacteria carried by fleas, which spread into France. The plague spread very rapidly throughout the city and later on in only just a few weeks spread to other cities. In france the population was in a strong condition to control the disease. The Great Plague of Marseille was where the it all started. After Marseille it spread all over France to the big cities and small other towns. A quarter to a third of France 's population died from the disease. The Plague causes fever and a very painful swelling of the lymph glands that are called buboes. That is how it got its name the bubonic plague. The Black Plague remained in the population for next 350 years. The plague also had economic and social problems. When the population started to declined many things, they also did demand for goods and price of lands. The wages got higher because of labor. It had been cheap. Agricultural labor even more expensive than before and even difficult to hire as people migrated to the cities. The rising price of labor stopped peasants and workers to use more of there money on expensive things such as meat and lots of food for their families. The plague had to have had a very deep psychological impact in the late medieval French society’s. The awareness of death provoked many different types of reactions. “Peasants ' grievances fueled a revolt in the 1350s, called the Jacquerie”"All the citizens did little else except to

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