Essay On The Black Veil

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Mr. Hooper wore the veil for his own sin but tried to use it to make people realize the deep sins that are kept within themselves that need to be shown. When Mr. Hooper first show cases the black veil he opens his most significant sermon by discussing "secret sins" which makes the congregation speculate as to what his sin might be. However, the impact of his sermon made with the presence of the veil gives it a powerful meaning. The black veil will soon turn on Mr. Hooper, everyone that loved him and cared for him will turn on him. Mr. Hooper’s intentions for the black veil were to show that he has a deep sin that he has never told anyone but wants everyone one to know he’s not perfect and everyone makes mistakes. After Mr. Hooper’s sermon…show more content…
Hooper began wearing the veil, the congregation deeply respected him but after seeing him their thoughts of him immediately changed. This topic concerns the congregation who fear for their own secret sins as well as their minister's new appearance. The townspeople grow uncomfortable with him because they start to become aware of their own sin. I look at the black veil in two ways, meaning that he could be mourning her death or he actually did commit adultery and feels bad, but wants everyone to know that even though he may be a leader he is also still a human, meaning humans accidentally sin by nature. The black veil was simply Hooper's admission of his own humanity, that he was not a perfect, sinless being. Hooper took criticism and was condemned for wearing the veil. Hawthorne uses the veil to illustrate the Puritans as hypocritical and cruel. He wore the veil to hide his face from the world and what he did. Reverend Mr. Hooper wore the black veil to symbolized secret sin; this veil represented how everyone has something in their heart that no one knows about. Mr. Hooper died alone because of the black veil and there’s no turning back from that. Mr. Hooper was trying to show everyone there is no such thing as a perfect human and everyone didn’t see that, it haunted Mr. Hooper. It wasn’t a very good idea to wear the black veil and not explaining it to everyone while having it
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