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There are many things that may affect us physically, emotionally and mentally. In the book the Bluest eye by Toni Morrison, Society 's perception of beauty affects the emotional and mentally aspect of a person . In the book the Bluest Eye beauty affects all aspects of the characters in the the book that love is undeserved for those who are seen as “ugly” or are called “ugly. It has been evident all throughout the book that beauty has affected Pecola ,Pauline and Cholly and society has rejected them and has despised them they see themselves as “Ugly”. Love is not deserved for those who are seen as Ugly like the character Pecola. Pecola had often thought that things would be different if she has blue eyes. “It had occurred to pecola that some time ago that if her eyes, those eyes that held the pictures, and knew the sights- If those eyes of her were different, that is to say, beautiful, she herself would be different. Her teeth were good, and at least her nose was not big and flat like some of those who were though so cute. If she looked different,beautiful, maybe cholly would be different , and Ms.Breedlove too. Maybe they’d say “Why, look at pretty-eyed pecola. We mustn’t do bad things in front of those pretty eyes.” ( 48) If pecola has blue eye she would feel…show more content…
Pecola wanted to have blue eyes because things may have been easy for her and her life may be better. Pauline messed up foot and fallen teeth made her feel so ugly and she did not wanted to fit in with society was of beauty she didn’t love herself. Cholly had always been neglected by her parents society and he had never learned how to love it affected him in the long run and a traumatic event in his life had scared him as a result. It is why beauty is undeserved for those who are called ugly according to
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