The American Revolution: The Boston Tea Party

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The American Revolution was a political chaos or disruption that took place during the 1765 and 1784. The American Revolution was the point, were we learned to get better along with countries. This brought discontent, horrible lost, but independence. Seventeen years ago one of the major causes of the American Revolution occurred. One of those major causes was the Boston Tea Party. The Boston tea party was on December 16, 2014. The cause of the action was by the Tea Act. Tea act was created on the 1773. The parliament gave a monopoly on tea to the East Indian Company, which benefit them. They own the entire product or were the only one to sell them. Colonists were not being fooled by the crown and were mad that Britain agents could be…show more content…
(The Sons of Liberty were a gang of the patriotic colonists). Seeing that the colonists weren’t glad and opposing the Tea Act. Colonist actions made the parliament angry and disrespected. The royal parliament decided to take a serious step ahead and enforced them the intolerable act. The Intolerable Acts as you know were in response to the Boston Tea Party. The laws behind this act were five. Each had an important detailed that created this act. The first law was the Impartial Administration of Justice Act was formed by allowing the royal governor could moved trails to other colonies wherever they liked if cases weren’t fully achieved correctly. The second law is Massachusetts Bay regulating act was formed by cursing all types of meeting or reunions without approval of the governors. The third law was the Boston Port Act was when they closed the Boston harbor to get the price even. The fifth law that formed the intolerable act was the Quartering act. This act or law allowed royal troops to stay in townhouses or colonists houses if their place to stay wasn’t available. The last law that makes up the intolerable act is Quebec act, which concludes with the idea to give religious freedom…show more content…
Colonists saw unfairness and an act of violation of their natural rights. As in the constitutional states “All men are created equal.” Our beloved Richard Henry lee, now today retired he was a statesman from Virginia who helped gain independence from Great Britain. Mr. Richard Henry Lee stood up in the place of the colonists, his friends, and his people. He described the act as “a most wicked system for destroying liberty of America.” These words not only made us feel secure, but happy to now that our representatives disagreed with it too. Continuing the intolerable act turned the colonists even more against the British. The Americans started to create this enormous hate against them. Because of the harshness of the act, it made it impossible to go against the parliament. Inspiring the American Revolution. Seventeen years ago many decision went wrong and many right. It is not always that the decisions we make can go
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