Braille Coding System

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Six dots. Six bumps. Six bumps in different patterns, like constellations, spreading out over the page. What are they? Numbers, letters, words. Who made this code? I, Louis Braille invented the Braille Code System for the blind. One of my most amazing accomplishments was that I was able to overcome my disability and inspired thousands with his proven independence. When unveiled my Braille Coding System to the world, I gave the gift of independence and reading to every blind person in the world. I was born on January 4, 1809, in Coupvray, France and am the child of Simon-Rene Braille and Monique Braille. When I was only three years old, I had wandered into my father’s workshop. The awl, used to poke holes into leather, had slipped off of the leather saddle and into my eye.…show more content…
In 1833, I was promoted as the official church organist at the Saint Nicholas-des-Champs, in Paris. At just 25 years old, I exhibited my code system at the 1834 Paris Exposition of Industry. The King of France, Louis Philippe, “The Citizen King” viewed the performance, but did not give official support. The next year, I was diagnosed with Tuberculosis, a disease spread through coughing that, at the time, did not have an official cure. In 1839, at age 30, I invented raphigraphy, a process of which raised dots in the shape of letters for better readability for sighted people. The Institute, with its damp, dark rooms, poor ventilation, and inadequate food, was an unhealthy environment for the children who live and work in it, and for the teachers. Many of the students became sick. However, in 1843, with my suggestion, the Institute moved to a healthier, cleaner facility. Two days after my 43rd birthday, I died of Tuberculosis. My body was buried in my hometown of Coupvray, France, but all except my hands were moved to the Pantheon, burial grounds of France’s heroes. I display the Caring trait because I sought after making the world a better place for the
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