Bullet Musket Research Paper

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Imagine an object so influential it could change the weapons of warfare, revolutionize battle tactics, and transform the ways of hunting. Anyone from soldiers to blacksmiths, to nobles, could have used it. It allowed the massacre of armies from a distance, warranted gun usage, and the idea traveled across the globe. It has evolved and changed in significant ways over time. One may imagine an object that speaks with great power, but in reality, it has a quite simple appearance. The bullet mould.

I am a scissor-type bullet mould. My hinges now creek when I open, but years ago they slid together like butter. My handles reach out to the sides at a 22° angle, recoiling at the ends with an inward curl. My edges, now chipped and rounded, were sharp
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Soon after this conflict began to unravel, “The war came to involve the major powers of Europe, with Sweden, France, Spain and Austria.” According to Robert Cowley and Geoffrey Parker, many nobles in these areas started to protest and fight back. There were a lot of military developments that took place in the 30 years war; more than many centuries before. One military development that occurred in the 30 years war was the use of the musket. The musket is one of the first guns ever made. How would you use the musket? According to The Second Flying Company of Alamo de Parras,“Powder was poured into a measure that held a predetermined amount of powder. Secondly, the powder charge was then poured down the barrel of the gun. A patched lead ball was the placed on the muzzle of the gun and then shoved down the barrel until it rested on top of the powder charge. Lastly, A finer grade of powder was poured from a different powder horn into the pan of the rifle or musket, the hammer pulled back and the frizzen was closed. The weapon was then ready to be fired.” Having a musket would be a huge advantage in war, but to have a musket you would need a bullet mould; more specifically a scissor-type bullet…show more content…
Nobles such as the Lobkowicz family hunted animals for fun and for noble recognition. Hunting was not always fun and games, there were competitions which would “rank” the nobles. As of why the Lobkowicz family had bullet moulds is likely because, according to the Lobkowicz family themselves, they did a lot of hunting with guns. Guns, naturally, require bullets, and so the making of bullets was necessary for hunting. During our tour of the Nelahozeves Castle, we saw an extensive supply of various guns, and this would require a substantial amount of various bullet moulds. This is likely the reason why our bullet mould ended up there.

Soldiers used the bullet mould whenever they went to war. The bullet mould and it’s gun revolutionized warfare. English developed longbows which massacred from a distance, and then guns were invented which eliminated any point in bringing swordsmen into a battle because they would be slaughtered. The bullet mould and gun certainly didn’t change warfare in a year; rather several centuries. According to well respected author and scientist Jared Diamond, guns and other ranged weapons made it easier to “kill” others because you couldn't see the victim’s face when they
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