Essay On The California Gold Rush

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How the California Gold Rush Began
The California Gold Rush was an extremely important event that happened in northern California when thousands of people moved to California hoping to find gold. James Marshall and John Sutter were the first people to discover gold on January 28, 1848. It all began when James Marshall was working to build a water-powered sawmill in The American River. Suddenly, James Marshall noticed gold flakes in the water and was positive it was gold. When the California gold rush continued to spread, people abandoned their homes and families and left for California hoping they would find gold. The California gold rush began because James Marshall and John Sutter spread the word, newspapers in the East reported
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Samuel Brannan became a pioneer, printer and most importantly a merchant which made him become California’s first millionaire. Quickly after Samuel Brannan found out about the discovery of gold that was made, he made a newspaper called The California Star. The newspaper that he created ended quickly because it lost all of the readers to the mines. He later decided to create a newspaper and bring it to the East knowing he could make a lot of money off of it. By August 1848, people from the East were getting newspapers daily about the gold rush, which brought them slowly to Sutter’s Fort. To get to the East, Samuel Brannan had to get on a wagon with around 2,000 newspapers on it and then distribute them to people that lived in the East. Certain newspapers caused very low trust, for example, the gold rush because people did not believe that there were thousands of pounds of gold just sitting in a river, unexpectedly. After many people traveled to Sutter’s Mill trying to find gold, the word continued to spread that the rumor was correct.
Finally, the California gold rush began because there was a lot of gold to be found by the people that migrated to California.
In conclusion, The California gold rush began because of James Marshall and John Sutter spreading the word, newspapers in the East reported on the big
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