Short Essay On Carbon Cycle

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Earth is the only planet in our solar system that provides a suitable environment for life as we know it. Sustaining these conditions requires a constant recycling of materials between the living and nonliving components of eco-systems. The material cycle I chose was the carbon cycle. Carbon is present in all organic bodies, and its role in the structure of macromolecules is very important to living organisms. Carbon compounds do contain energy, and many of this substance is from plants and algae that have remained stored as fossilized carbon, which humans use as fuel. There is a huge demand for Earth’s limited fossil fuel supplies that has risen since early 1900’s, the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere has increased as these fuels…show more content…
In my household there are three adults and each of us own a vehicle. Each of these cars requires fuel to take us to our many destinations we visit throughout our work weeks or other activities. Because each of us has an automobile, it greatly impacts the environment through the surplus of carbon dioxide and/or carbon monoxide. These fumes and excess gas becomes air pollution which negatively affects our environment. I would then imagine the second most negatively impactful activity my family would be the consumption of electricity. Although using power doesn’t emit smoke or air pollution, but the power plant that does produce this electricity does. I must say, in my household we have a lot of electronics because of me. I’m a bit of a techie. I like a lot of hi-tech devices in my home. So because of this we’re consuming a lot of power as well as all the cleaning of clothes through our washer and dryer. Well, for starters ever since my family moved we’ve limited my mother-in-law’s driving. She doesn’t like long distance driving. So in some way we’ve reduced the amount of pollution we contribute. If I were to participate in public-transportation that would reduce our carbon emissions too. However, that would reduce the amount of time I have free for studying significantly. I
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