Essay On The Cause And Effect Of Speeding

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Speeding There are many effects of speeding, such as ticket fees, going to court, driver important class, and a rise in insurance. All of these effects will make you rethink speeding, no matter what the causes for speeding are. Speeding is a very serious matter that could be prevented. Running late, or just wanting to go fast are two of the major causes of speeding. When you’re running late you tend to go faster than you normally would trying to get where you’re going on time. A lot of younger people just love the feeling when speeding, it gives them a rush. There are many other causes of speeding besides the two mentioned, such as an emergency. When an emergency comes up most people don’t think clearly and juts want to get to where they’re going so speeding seems to be their option. …show more content…

Most people don’t want to waste money on a ticket fee, so they think about this before they start speeding. There are also costs when you go to court which can be avoided by not speeding. Going to court and getting a ticket goes on your driving record, and that’s where other issues can come up. As an effect of all of tickets, it causes you insurance to go up. Many insurance companies will drop you if you begin to get a lot of ticket and cost them more money. When that happens it can become hard to get picked up by a different insurance company. Going to driver improvement class is another effect of speeding. By taking and passing the driver improvement class it can help take the ticket off your record. There are many different causes and effects of speeding, most of them which are negative. Speeding can not only effect you, but everyone around you. All of these effects can easily be avoided by not speeding no matter the reasons of what caused you to

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