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What causes insanity and how does insanity affects the society? Insanity is the abnormal behaviours due to mental instability. Nowadays, insanity is a common phenomenon in this insane society. People always misinterprets the real definition of insanity and leads to misunderstandings. As an example, Newton. I (1687) claimed that every action will have reaction. This theory not just make a huge improvement in Physics, but also helped humans to realise that every sickness in mentally or physically has its own unique causes which includes insanity. Although there is many forms of insanity, but the roots of insanity could be linked into a number that can be counted by only one hand. Now, let us see what are the main causes and effects of insanity. Trauma is one of the most vital variables to causing insanity. This great amount of emotional and psychological accumulate in victims can often cause a person to go past their breaking point and enter the state of insanity. Vulnerability contributes to causes of insanity by exposing the mind to sensitive topics. Trauma can lead to hyper arousal, numbing and disruption in sense of safety. Hyper arousal is a state where a person’s psychological and…show more content…
Stress is the response in either physical or mental due to environmental factor. Mostly the fuel to let us complete tasks perfectly is stress, but if it is accumulated after a certain point it will lead to insanity. Stress can be categorized into three types, but the key to insanity is chronic stress. Chronic stress is accumulated from the pasts and it is almost so comfortable until we did not realise the presence of it in our daily life. In long term of influence under chronic stress will wear down a person’s mental resource and cause him to be unstable and finally causes insanity with an event act as a catalyst like trauma from the pasts or event that hit the emotion of that person’s emotion

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